Scene of murder used by drug dealer

Police at the scene of Andover Street and Montfort drive where a man was stabbed to death
Police at the scene of Andover Street and Montfort drive where a man was stabbed to death
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Residents are being urged to come forward and report criminality to the police - after it emerged the spot where a man was clubbed to death on a Sheffield street is used by a dealer to sell drugs.

Witnesses to the brutal murder at 7pm on Monday said the area of grassland, close to Pye Bank School, is regularly used by local drug dealer to sell to people who pull up in cars for a few seconds before driving off.

An onlooker who captured the shocking murder on video told The Star: “The man who deals the drugs usually comes out of his flat with his dog.

“Within seconds a car will pull up, and then he will be walking back in his flat again. We have seen it many times.

“When we came to this area we knew it was a risk - one week before we moved there was a shooting, so this murder isn’t unexpected, we were prepared for it.

“What needs to happen though is for people to report things.

“Those connected to criminality are a minority, and if the majority would report them, even just to report suspicions, it would help the police to gather evidence to build their cases.

“People seem to allow criminality, like drug dealing, here. It’s as though they have a negative mindset and feel the police won’t care.

“But they should be proud of their area, and report things to make it a better place to live.”

Other local residents said they were stunned by the murder happening in daylight, in full view.

Karen Foster, aged 55, who lives opposite the crime scene, said: “I could have been walking past with my granddaughter and seen it happening because it was in broad daylight.

“This street is normally quiet. People will be surprised it has happened on this street, but not surprised it has happened in Pitsmoor.

“I feel sorry for the person this has happened to, he might have been someone I used to see walking along the street.

“Burngreave and Pitsmoor used to be the place to live years ago, but not now.”

Khalid Jodah, 27, a refugee originally from Kuwait, who is living with a friend in Burngreave, said: “This is the second murder I have known here.

“I don’t feel safe here. There are problems with stealing and people messing about and making you feel nervous when you walk down the street.”