Sarah’s Law figures released

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South Yorkshire Police has been asked under Sarah’s Law to make 130 checks on whether people are known sex offenders.

Sarah’s Law, which enables parents, guardians and third parties to enquire whether a person who has access to a child is a registered sex offender, or poses a risk to that child, was introduced in South Yorkshire in 2011.

Its aim is to protect children, and allows South Yorkshire Police to disclose information about individuals to reduce the risk of harm to youngsters.

Since its introduction the police force has made 16 disclosures about individuals - 11 between March 2011 and March 2012, three the following year and two since March this year.

On five occasions disclosures have been made despite individuals with access to children not having any prior convictions for sex offences.

Some 22 referrals have been made to social services since the introduction of the scheme, which was brought in following the murder of seven-year-old Sarah Payne in 2000.