Rotherham woman and Chesterfield man fined over power station protest

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A Rotherham woman and Chesterfield man have both been fined for their part in an environmental protest close to a power plant.

Jacqueline Westwood, aged 57, of Wentworth Road, Swinton and Jeff Rice, 48, of Boulton Close, Chesterfield, were both fined £210 and £30 costs.

They admitted being part of a group which staged a protect on the railway line close to Cottam power station in Nottinghamshire last year.

A freight train full of coal was brought to a standstill on its way to the power plant by protestors who boarded the wagons and began unloading the coal.

Passing sentence, District Judge Baker, said: “Everyone is entitled to peaceful protest but this has to be carried out within the law. This wasn’t done on this occasion and those involved trespassed on the railway, causing disruption and financial loss.”

Detective Inspector Mick Jackson, of British Transport Police, said: “While we always respect those who wish to protest peacefully, this has to be done safely and lawfully.

“ Trespassing on the railway is a criminal offence and the action that was taken on the day, and the subsequent sentences handed down at court, were appropriate and proportionate against all those involved.”