Rotherham man ‘abused’ teenage girls

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A man accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl 22 years ago went on to sexually abuse her daughter, a court heard.

Lee Wayne Crutchley, aged 45, denies 16 sex offences against five girls including indecent assault, sex with a girl under 13, and two charges of rape.

David Gordon, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court that Crutchley, of Victoria Street, Dinnington, Rotherham, ‘took advantage of his victims’ innocence and naivety’.

He said Crutchley was in a ‘short-lived’ relationship, which went no further than kissing, with the first victim which started when she was 13 and he was in his mid twenties.

“He knew she was just a schoolgirl,” he said. “He told her he would often see her getting off the school bus - she would have been in her school uniform.

“He was an older man taking advantage of her innocence and naivety, and this pattern of offending repeats itself almost up to the present time.”

The second victim was 12 or 13 when she had a sexual relationship with Crutchley - and fell pregnant but suffered a miscarriage.

“He told her not to tell anyone what was going on,” said Mr Gordon.

“He had sex with her over a four-year period, several times a week.”

The third victim was indecently assaulted by Crutchley in the mid 1990s when she was about 13.

She later went on to have a relationship with him as an adult.

Crutchley is accused of sexually assaulting her and sexually assaulting and raping her daughter.

The trial continues.