Rotherham drug addict warned she faces three years in jail

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A drug addict with an ‘appalling’ record has been warned she will be jailed for three years if she commits another offence.

Helen Lovell, aged 33, was issued with the stark warning by Judge Paul Watson when she appeared at Sheffield Crown Court to be sentenced for a string of crimes, some committed while the subject of a suspended sentence.

Lovell, of Station Road, Masbrough, admitted 14 offences of theft, five of fraud, two breaches of suspended sentences, two of failing to provide drug samples and one of common assault between August, 2013 and December, 2014.

Judge Watson said in the last two years Lovell’s behaviour had been ‘frankly appalling’.

He said: “You were given a suspended sentence and you simply took the law into your own hands and committed offfence after offence after offence. You were in breach of that order and in breach of bail and defying all attempts to help.

“You will be jailed for three years in total if you commit any further offences.”