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COURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case
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The following cases were dealt with at Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham magistrates courts between April 22 and 27.


Addresses Sheffield unless stated otherwise

DRINK DRIVING: Andrew Mark Grant, 29, Cemetery Road, Sharrow, £150 fine, £85 costs, 18-month disqualification; Branwell Callum Butler, 22, South View Crescent, Sharrow, 28 days jail, 12-month disqualification; Vincent Labarbera, 37, Wath Road, £110 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification.

SHOPLIFTING: Leon Anthony Grant, 37, no fixed abode, 14 weeks jail; Anthony Paul Collins, 28, Newby Crescent, Harrogate, conditional discharge; Shamraze Khan, 25, Southey Crescent, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Dominic Brian Denham, 42, St George’s Close, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Eduarde Ryan Shepherd, 30, Charter Row Centre, Charter Row, conditional discharge; Ashley Haiden Badloe, 21, Jaunty Avenue, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Jamie-Lee George McCarthy, 21, Channing Gardens, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Joanne Gibbon, 37, Birkswood Drive, Oughtibridge, conditional discharge, £40 costs; Maureen Clarke, 63, Halliwell Crescent, conditional discharge, £85 costs; David James Gleeson, 30, Burngreave Road, eight weeks jail; Gillian Maria Mooney, 60, Foundry Court, Burngreave, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, £85 costs; Jayne Chambers, 42, Wordsworth Avenue, conditional discharge, £50 costs; Norman Copeland, 44, Weakland Crescent, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement; Sylvia Cowling, 40, Emerson Crescent, Parson Cross, conditional discharge.

ASSAULT: Chamaine Healey, 24, Ashton Road, Denton, Manchester, community order with supervision, alcohol treatment requirement; Christopher Bell, 28, Constable Close, community order with supervision, £100 compensation, £85 costs.

DRUG POSSESSION: Anthony James Billings, 26, Ivy Hall Road, Shiregreen, conditional discharge; Joy Danielle Ricketts, 24, Ivy Hall Road, Shiregreen, conditional discharge; Luke James Randall, 24, Berners Road, Arbourthorne, community order, 60 hours unpaid work; Lane Benjamin Riley, 25, Lichford Road, Arbourthorne, £150 fine, £85 costs.

BURGLARY: Colin Ross Evans, 23, Queen Mary Court, Manor, community order, 140 hours unpaid work, £280 compensation, £40 costs.

THEFT: Neil Anthony Reedm, 40, Birchfields Avenue, Leeds, four-month suspended prison sentence, £780 compensation, £85 costs; Christopher Graham Gaydon, 35, Liverpool Road, Blackpool, conditional discharge, £315 compensation.


Addresses Barnsley unless stated otherwise

DRINK DRIVING: Craig Webster, 43, Oak Road, Thurnscoe, four-month suspended prison sentence, 12 months supervision, four-year disqualification.

THEFT: Robert Penman, 43, Bank End Avenue, Worsbrough Dale, £85 costs.

DRUG POSSESSION: Joshua Nicholas Reynolds, 22, Pinehall Drive, Monk Bretton, community order; James Phillip Tasker, 20, Chapel Street, Ardsley, community order, 100 hours unpaid work.

SHOPLIFTING: June Downing, 49, Doles Crescent, 28 days jail; Andrew Paul Burnett, 32, Sheffield Road, one month jail; Carl Desmond Buxton, 37, no fixed abode, 12 weeks jail; Melissa Cecilia Chesters, 22, Sheffield Road, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, £35.95 compensation, £85 costs; Jamie Lee Desmond, 22, Mill Hill, Wombwell, community order, 60 hours unpaid work, £85 costs; Shaun Paul Guest, 24, Pearson Crescent, Wombwell, £200 fine, £85 costs; Thomas Gummerson, 31, Arncliffe Drive, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Dale Andrew Robinson, 33, John Street, Worsbrough Bridge, conditional discharge, £38 compensation, £85 costs; Martin Lee Davis, 29, High Street, Grimethorpe, conditional discharge, £40 compensation, £85 costs; Jonathan James Pearson, 29, Goaling Gate, Goldthorpe, two months jail; Matthew Reginald Ernest Bailey, 32, Rose Tree Court, Cudworth, 16-week suspended prison sentence; Rebecca Duggan, 32, Exeter Road, Wheatley, Doncaster, 10-week suspended prison sentence, £85 costs.

ASSAULT ON A PC: Wesley Scott, 34, New Lodge Crescent, New Lodge, 14 weeks jail.

ASSAULT: Lee Cassidy, 26, Pearson Crescent, Wombwell, 10-week suspended prison sentence, 100 hours unpaid work, £75 costs; Alan Steven Pogorzelec, 37, Park Avenue, Shelley, Huddersfield, condtional discharge, restraining order, £200 costs; Tariq Guest, 29, Cherry Tree Street, Hoyland, 24 weeks jail.


Addresses Rotherham unless stated otherwise

DRINK DRIVING: Gareth Lee, 21, Middle Avenue, Rawmarsh, £500 fine, 16-month disqualification; Akeem Cutrran, 21, £160 fine, £85 costs, 22-month disqualification; Vaidas Karinauskas, 26, Lister Street, Clifton, £250 fine, £85 costs, 18-month disqualification; Daniel Scott, 18, Jackson Crescent, Rawmarsh, £300 fine, £85 costs, 16-month disqualification.

ASSAULT: Gary Linney, 39, Nene Road, Ermine West, Lincoln, conditional discharge, £250 costs; John Kennett, 34, Middle Avenue, Rawmarsh, community order, alcohol treatment requirement, £85 costs.

ASSAULT ON A PC: Robert Charles Grout, 31, Alma Road, community order, curfew with tag, £50 compensation, £85 costs.

SHOPLIFTING: Neil Terrence Blake, 43, Wilcox Green, Wingfield, eight weeks jail; Russell Lee Callear, 34, Richmond Park Avenue, four weeks jail; Adam Ricky Seward, 26, Roseberry Street, Holmes, four weeks jail; Rastislav Mata, 23, Fitzwilliam Road, Eastwood, eight weeks jail; Jason Russell, 24, Great Park Road, Kimberworth Park, community order, curfew with tag, £8 compensation, £85 costs; Malcolm Anthony Duke, 33, Moorend Lane, Birmingham, £75 fine, £20 costs, £6.50 compensation; Russell Edward Bell, 36, Whybourne Terrace, Town Centre, community order, curfew with tag; Paul Adshead, 42, Wright Street, North Anston, four weeks jail; Gary Day, 32, Garfield Mount, community order with programme requirement, £280 compensation, £85 costs; Simon Roy Horner, 34, Russell Street, Eastwood, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs; Paul Hurworth, 50, Park Mount, Clifton, community order, curfew with tag; Stacey Anne Lawton, 27, Moorgate Street, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs; Scott Parkin, 30, Selwyn Street, Eastwood, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs; Ahmed Rafiq, 34, Eslaforde Terrace, East Dene, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement.