Rapist to spend longer in prison

Sentenced - Graham Wilson
Sentenced - Graham Wilson
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A rapist who ‘stole a girl’s childhood’ has had another three-and-a-half years added on to his prison sentence.

Graham Wilson, aged 70, was initially jailed for 11 years and six months for rape and other serious sexual offences.

Now he has had his sentence increased to 15 years at the Court of Appeal after Solicitor General Oliver Heald QC referred the sentence for reconsideration.

He had deemed the sentence initially imposed at Sheffield Crown Court in April as ‘unduly lenient’ and wanted the country’s top judges to give their assessment.

They agreed - and added another three years and six months on to it.

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Heald QC said: “This was a sustained campaign of rape and serious sexual assault, over a long period of time from a man who deliberately preyed on a young girl and committed these dreadful acts.

“Victims need to feel safe to come forward and report sexual abuse. They must be reassured what happened was not their fault and they need to be listened to.

“By increasing the sentence to 15 years, the court has sent a clear message that anyone who violates children as seriously as this, and no matter how long ago, will spend a long time in prison.”

He said Wilson, from Rotherham, committed a ‘sustained campaign’ of sexual abuse between 1978 and 1984, with his female victim aged just 11 when her ordeal started.

He branded it a ‘horrible’ case and one of the ‘worst of rape and sexual assault of a child you can imagine’.

“He stole her childhood. The courts won’t tolerate this behaviour,” he added.

Wilson pleaded guilty to 23 of 24 allegations of rape and other serious sexual offences in October 2012, but while on bail for pre-sentence reports he fled the country.

He was tracked down in Cyprus. Extradition proceedings were started and he was brought back to Britain and jailed in April this year.