Prolific Sheffield burglar loses appeal against prison sentence

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A prolific Sheffield burglar was branded a ‘menace’ as top judges rejected an appeal against his latest prison sentence.

Stephen Grayson, aged 48, already had convictions for more than 30 break-ins on his record when he burgled a house in Norfolk Park Avenue, Norfolk Park, last year, when its owners were on holiday.

In August, Grayson, of no fixed address, was jailed for six years after pleading guilty to the burglary during a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court.

He appealed this week, but a senior judge said his list of convictions justified the long sentence.

And Lord Justice Elias said the sentence imposed could even have been tougher, given the length of Grayson’s record.

Branding him a ‘recidivist’, with 34 previous house burglaries and dozens of raids on commercial premises to his name, the judge said the appeal was hopeless.

“This man is a menace and it is not just property that is the problem of burglaries,’ said the judge.

“It is the very considerable upset and anxiety it causes those in the houses. Many could consider he is lucky to have this sentence.

“He has absolutely no prospect of success on appeal and we refuse the application.”