Project to stop human trafficking in Derbyshire

Paul Broadbent
Paul Broadbent
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Police chiefs have joined forces with the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to help businesses identify workers who may have been trafficked into the county.

The partnership, known as Project Advenus, will involve a programme of visits to companies that might be at risk from trafficking within their labour supply chain.

Paul Broadbent, Chief Executive Officer of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority, said: “Trafficking workers into the UK for forced labour is a problem that is on the increase in the UK.

“This was highlighted recently in Derbyshire by some shocking, high-profile cases, where people have been forced into lives of modern-day slavery.

“The GLA works with other agencies to combat worker exploitation and can help protect people from this horrific crime.

“By teaming up with the police to visit Derbyshire businesses, operating in sectors that are typically targeted by traffickers, we hope to educate people in how to spot the signs of trafficking.”