Policeman dives out of way of suspect's car on pavement after intervening in Sheffield attack

A policeman had to dive out of the way of a car after a suspect drove at him along a Sheffield pavement.

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 9:11 pm

Sheffield North West neighbourhood policing team Insp Kevin Smith revealed his sergeant, Sgt Simon Kirkham, had to take evasive action yesterday after seeing a woman being attacked in the street, after he had already finished his shift.

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He had stopped his car and got out to intervene with no back-up or baton.

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Cleveland Police car stock image. Picture by FRANK REID

Insp Smith said: “The man saw Sergeant Kirkham approaching, got into a car and then drove along the pavement directly at him and at speed forcing PS Kirkham to dive out of the way.

Catalytic converter theft

“What had actually happened was this man had been stealing a catalytic converter from a car, and the vehicle's owner had gone out to stop him. The offender was then fighting with the car’s owner.

"But for PS Kirkham's intervention things could have gone worse. These are your neighbourhood police officers.

"I hope you appreciate them because I sure as hell do.

“PS Kirkham called for other officers. PS Kirkham then made sure that everyone was ok, obtained witness details and accounts, wrote a statement and went home.

“This is why we sometimes say we are always on duty. PS Kirkham had put his gear back in his locker before leaving work, but you can't put being a police officer in a locker, and sometimes you have to intervene to protect others.”

Insp Smith also revealed he discovered this week one of his constables helped another off-duty officer arrest a violent offender while on holiday in Cornwall recently, while his family waited.

He had seen what looked like a scuffle and went to intervene - it was an officer arresting a suspect for GBH. He put himself on duty.

Insp Smith said: “This man had previously broken an officer's jaw, and was wanted for violent crime, meaning that one of my officers whilst on holiday was having to deal with a violent - and very abusive- suspect, putting himself at risk with no reward other than doing the right thing.

"I honestly couldn't be prouder of my team, it makes me feel very lucky to be in charge of them. I hope the local community realise how lucky they are.”

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