Police warning to children over nuisance calls

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CHILDREN are being reminded of the dangers of making hoax calls to the emergency services before they break up from school for the summer holidays.

Officers in Derbyshire are urging youngsters not to waste police time during the six week break from lessons.

Those caught making nuisance calls could have their mobile phones blocked, their parents will be contacted and they could be prosecuted.

Officers are visiting schools to speak to pupils about nuisance calls and when it is appropriate to call 999 and when 101 should be used instead.

On average, Derbyshire Police receives 385 999 calls a day – and around a third are not genuine emergencies.

Chf Insp Tracy Harrison, of Derbyshire Police’s contact management department, said: “Public reporting is an important part of the fight against crime and any attempt to disrupt this service will be investigated thoroughly.

“Every time someone misuses the 999 they are potentially putting lives at risk. This is especially true when we receive a large number of nuisance calls as it could impact on how quickly other emergency calls are answered.”