Police warning over off-road bikers using land beside M18 in Doncaster sparks backlash

Off-road bikers have been urged to keep off land beside the M18 in Doncaster – but the police warning has sparked an online backlash.

By Robert Cumber
Sunday, 29th December 2019, 1:29 pm
Updated Monday, 30th December 2019, 4:05 pm

South Yorkshire Police said it had received ‘numerous calls’ about people on quads and off-road bikes using the site known as Hatfield Quarry, off Mill Hill Road in Hatfield.

“Signage is in place to warn members of the public that this land cannot be used for this purpose,” said the force.

“Police will be making routine visits in the area and be warned such vehicles will be seized under section 59 of the Police Reform act 2002.”

A quad bike on Hatfield Quarry beside the M18 motorway in Doncaster

The message has generated nearly 200 comments since being posted on Facebook yesterday, with many people arguing that bikers should be allowed to use the land as they are not doing any harm.

Samantha Raedermacher wrote: “World’s gone mad. It’s better than roaming the streets causing havoc! Let people be free and enjoy life whilst we have it.

“There are also some terrible crimes not getting seen to in life or people not getting help they need because of these petty requests.”

Sue Cofield commented: “Blimey, no wonder crime is on the increase! Nowt else for the young ones of today to do.... they can’t have fun, albeit safe with their parents, so they end up in a bad crowd and bam. Well done to the whiners – you’re creating such a positive future!”

Danny Lawson said: “Police was fine last time I was there.... long as they don’t ride down the road don’t see problem there. Noise ain’t a problem. You’re next to the motorway.”

Andy Goddard wrote: “I went past on the M18 and I could see young kids on bikes and quads with parents supervising. Keep them off the road, let them gain experience on the bikes and let them have fun!”

Michael Egginton commented: “Either they use that disused land or ride on the streets. Do something useful and go catch thieves robbing cars or houses etc, not bullying kids having a bit of fun on wasteland.”

And Louis Fox said: “Apologies, the people are out of the way, near a noise polluted area (right beside a motorway) enjoying Christmas presents and causing no harm... wonder if the masked men robbing vans have been stopped yet. Pathetic.”