Police warning after burglaries

Burglary mock up pic - burglar thief breaking into house stealing silhouette fashion model
Burglary mock up pic - burglar thief breaking into house stealing silhouette fashion model
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POLICE today issued security advice after eight homes were broken into in one Sheffield suburb on the same night.

The break-ins were all committed on Wednesday in the west of the city, in and around Walkley.

Details of the burglaries come after The Star reported police were investigating three break-ins on Holmhirst Road, Woodseats, between Sunday and Thursday.

Many of the offences committed were sneak-ins, where offenders got into homes through unlocked doors.

Detective Inspector Richard Partridge, of South Yorkshire Police, warned people to keep their doors locked.

He said: “There are an alarming number of burglaries that are taking place because doors have been left unlocked.

“Burglars are testing doors, and where they can get into a property undetected through an unlocked door and steal something of value, they are doing so.

“These burglaries appear to be concentrated on the Walkley area, so we would urge residents living in that community to make sure they lock their doors to help prevent this type of crime.”

In one of the offences on Holmhirst Road a woman woke to find a burglar just a few feet away from her attempting to steal an Xbox.

He was chased out of the house by the woman’s boyfriend who grabbed a meat cleaver and peppermill as he pursued the offender out of his house.

DI Partridge urged residents to keep all doors and windows locked at all times.

“Lock all your doors and windows, even if you are at home,” he said.

“Review your locks and upgrade to one that is specifically designed to prevent lock snapping.

“Consider installing a burglar alarm and use it, even when you’re in bed

”Leave a light on when you go out, keep your valuables – including car keys – in a safe place away from doors and windows.

“Fit outside security lighting and review your boundary security.

“Be nosey – report any suspicious people or vehicles in your neighbourhood.”

n Anyone with information on the break-ins should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.