Police warning after break-in attempt damages property

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Police have issued a warning after an attempted break-in to an outbuilding using tools to try to force open the doors.

Offenders tried to break into an outbuilding at a property on the Outlands, Bradwell.

They damaged the doors in the process of trying to break in, although they did not manage to gain entry.

The incident happened between 5.30pm on January 9 and 1pm on January 10.

Police have issued advice to residents to help avoid their property being targeted.

The force said:

*Fit a good quality lock to secure your shed, garage or outbuilding and make sure that it is appropriate to the strength of the door and frame

*Consider purchasing a shed alarm to help to deter a thief and secure any bikes with a quality chain even if they are inside the shed or garage

*Ensure that valuables are kept out of view from passers-by and consider covering your windows from the inside to prevent thieves from taking a look

*Mark all valuables with a property marking system such as SmartWater as this makes your belongings much less attractive to thieves as they realise that the goods can easily be identified as stolen and traced back to the original owner.

Anyone with information or who may have seen someone acting suspiciously in the area is asked to call PCSO Anthony Boswell on 101, quoting crime number 1374/15.