Police warn of bogus workmen preying on elderly in Doncaster

Police in Doncaster have warned gangs of bogus workmen are preying on elderly people in the town.

Thursday, 1st October 2020, 2:38 pm

There have been a number of recent reports of men attending homes, particularly in the Balby area, asking people for cash in exchange for clearing gutters or mending roofs.

Andy Ireland, a PCSO with South Yorkshire Police’s Central Doncaster unit, said: “There have been a number of reported incidents especially within the Balby area of Doncaster, whereby unknown males have been attending vulnerable persons property – mainly elderly - and requesting money in exchange for clearing guttering and or fixing roof tiles.

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Police in Doncaster are warning of gangs of bogus workmen preying on the elderly.

"The work is not being completed and in some cases, large amounts of money are being stolen from victims without their knowledge by these males.

"If you are approached by any person at your home stating they can fix your property for you and you have not prearranged this via a reputable company, please report this to police via 101 or online.”

"Do not allow them to carry out work or give them money.

"If you are fearful or feel threatened at any time, please call 999.

"Let’s put a stop to these thieves and make sure you report any incidents to police and allow us to find these males and stop their deceitful antics.”

Rules to remember:

Always keep your doors and windows locked.

Be on your guard.

Are you expecting anyone?

Make sure your back door is locked before you think about opening your front door.

Check who is at the door by using a spyhole or window overlooking the door.

Always put your doorchain/doorbar on before answering the door.

Caller not expected - ask them to call back when you know you can have someone with you. DO NOT LET THEM IN.

Do not be pressurised into letting them in - you can say 'NO' it is not being rude.

Do not accept identification cards - they are too easily falsified.

Do not use telephone numbers supplied by the caller.

Dial 999 and call the Police of they will not leave.