Police want Specials

Stephen Merrett
Stephen Merrett
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Police chiefs are calling for South Yorkshire residents to keen to make a difference to make it a New Year’s resiolution to become a Special Constable.

South Yorkshire Police has 429 specials on its books but hopes to have 500 in place by April,

Specials have the same powers as regular officers but give their time for free.

Stephen Merrett, Chief Officer of the Special Constabulary, said: “Specials in South Yorkshire have a unique opportunity to perform a wide range of duties, from providing a visible policing presence at sporting events to searching for missing people.

“Our high recruitment levels demonstrate a growing interest in the field and we’d encourage anyone who believes they can make a difference to get involved and sign up.

“As a Special, you will find that every day brings a different incident, a different challenge, and the skills and experience this job can offer to young and old people alike are second to none.

“We would like to extend the invitation to join the Specials to those living outside of South Yorkshire who work or study in the region, who want to contribute to the policing of our community.”

Special Constables should be 18 to 65 years-old, be able to work a minimum of 16 hours a month.

Anyne interested should call 0114 2197000 or visit www.southyorks.police.uk/specials