Police to wear body cameras in Sheffield

Inspector Paul Ferguson
Inspector Paul Ferguson
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Body cameras are being worn by police officers in a Sheffield suburb in the fight against crime in the city.

Officers in Darnall have been given the new equipment in the war against anti-social behaviour in the community.

Bosses hope the cameras, which are worn on officers’ chests, will capture evidence of misbehaviour and help with the identification of offenders.

Footage captured may be used during court cases.

The cameras will not record constantly but will be used if officers encounter anti-social behaviour or need evidence to prove a case.

Officers in the area also have new powers to split up groups of two or more people congregating on the streets of Darnall if they are causing a nuisance or there are fears they could become embroiled in trouble.

The Section 30 Dispersal Order for the area came into force on October 1 and will last six months.

Anyone who returns to Darnall after being ordered away for a set period of time faces prosection.

Inspector Paul Ferguson said: “The vast majority of the community in Darnall are exasperated with anti-social behaviour and disorder, calling for the police and other agencies to take action.

“I have not taken the decision to impose a dispersal order lightly, but we need to demonstrate to the minority of individuals who are engaging in this criminality that it will not be tolerated.

“The use of body worn video cameras is another element to the wider approach we are taking to address these issues. Evidence from pilot schemes has shown that the use of these cameras can diffuse a tense situation very quickly and calm people down.

“We are working closely with the local schools to ensure our message is heard among the younger members of the community, advising them of the consequences of participating in antisocial behaviour.

“As the darker nights approach, we are committed to working with the local community to improve their quality of life and reduce disorder on the streets.”