Police text Sheffield driver saying they will not attend despite ‘Corsa Cannibals’ stripping car

A plea has been made to South Yorkshire Police to mount an operation to catch so-called ‘Corsa Cannibals’ in Sheffield.

Friday, 24th January 2020, 1:35 pm

Two Vauxhall Corsas were targeted by thieves earlier this week, with fears that a gang is prowling the streets.

The first Corsa was stripped on Pen Nook Drive, Deepcar, in the early hours of Monday and the second was targeted on Winn Close, Middlewood, the following night.

Both had their bonnets, front bumpers and lights stolen.

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A Corsa parked in Sheffield this week was stripped of its parts

A number of other similar incidents have been reported over recent weeks.

Rhys Smith, whose £6,800 car was stripped in Middlewood, said he is disappointed at the police response to the incident.

He dialled 101 to report the theft and received a text message from the force informing him that the incident would be recorded but officers would not be visting him or examining his car.

The text said: “Thank you for your report. We have made the decision to file the report as there ar no immediate lines of enquiry.

“Although an officer will not attend on this occasion, details of this crime have been passed to our policing teams for their awareness.

“No further updates will be made in relation to this crime unless any further information comes to light.”

Rhys said: “The police need to do more. This seems to be happening a lot and nothing appears to be getting done about it.

“It looks like there is a gang going round targeting Corsas and is it worrying for owners of them.

“We need the police to tell us what they are doing to find those involved.”

Posting on Facebook, Star reader Luke Cooper said: “I don’t see what the police can do more. No witnesses, so nothing to respond to.

“If anything, it should lie with the manufacturer to make sure it’s as hard as possible for thieves to do this.”

South Yorkshire Police said: “An investigation was launched by officers to find the offenders. However, after carrying out a number of enquiries, no suspects have yet been identified.“The investigation has now been placed on file pending further leads.”