Police target 100 offenders

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Police smashed their way into South Yorkshire homes in a series of raids aimed at snaring wanted drug dealers and burglars.

Operation Cobra was launched yesterday to ‘sweep up’ offenders and suspects wanted by South Yorkshire Police and the courts.

South Yorkshire Police raid a second house in Swinton as part of Operation Cobra

South Yorkshire Police raid a second house in Swinton as part of Operation Cobra

Police chiefs had a list of about 100 offenders who were targeted – and two more days of action are planned.

Armed with battering rams, police search teams smashed doors off their hinges as they burst into homes looking for the town’s ‘most wanted’.

On one street alone - Rowm Lane, Swinton - officers raided two homes in the same block.

They found white powder in one and cannabis in the other – making arrests at both properties.

Superintendent Paul McCurry, who led the operation, said it was aimed at removing criminals from the streets and showing the public information about possible criminals is acted upon.

He said: “We have been tackling burglary and vehicle crime for some time now but this operation is a sweep up of all crime types.

“Offenders need to know if they are committing crime in Rotherham we will come looking for them.

“We have had a difficult few months in the town with some high-profile cases and they take their toll on public confidence, so visible operations like this demonstrate what we are doing to tackle crime.”

He urged people to call Crimestoppers to pass on information about those involved in criminality.

Mr McCurry said: “To enable us to continue doing this, we need information from members of the public – they are our eyes and ears and can tell us who is committing crime.

“The police need the help of the public to bring about successful prosecutions.

“This operation involves a number of different partners and will increase our visibility and demonstrate to the public police and partners are working hard to ensure Rotherham is a safe borough.”

Detective Sergeant Jamie Henderson, who oversaw some of yesterday’s drugs raids, said: “We are going to do what we can to take the fight back to those supplying drugs.

“This operation shows any information we get will be looked at and, if corroborated, acted on.

“Drugs cause misery and ruin people’s lives.”

Anyone with information about those committing crimes should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.