Police take tough line to keep residents safe

Crime crackdown: Police officers stop and search a car and its occupants in Firth Park.
Crime crackdown: Police officers stop and search a car and its occupants in Firth Park.
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POLIce flooded four Sheffield suburbs in a new crackdown on violent crime and drugs.

Neighbourhood officers were joined by dog handlers, the mounted section and traffic police to patrol Upperthorpe, Firth Park, Longley and Southey following concerns from the communities about crime and anti-social behaviour.

They stopped and searched 36 people to check whether they were carrying drugs or weapons and made six arrests - three on suspicion of stealing a car, two for possessing cannabis and one for possessing a knife.

Police issued three fixed penalty notices to men caught carrying cannabis and to another eight for motoring offences.

Three vehicles were also seized by officers as part of the operation and one man was stopped after being caught driving erratically around Southey.

Officers also arranged for children to attempt to buy alcohol from 13 off-licences in the area in a bid to find out if any sell to underage customers - and three failed.

People stopped on the street were selected to be searched if passive drugs dogs detected

Sgt Jay McAllister, of Upperthorpe, Netherthorpe and Walkley Safer Neighbourhood Unit, said it was a ‘high visibility’ policing operation to demonstrate to communities that concerns are taken seriously.

She said: “We wanted to respond to the concerns of the community and the operation was to take positive action against anyone caught committing criminal offences or behaving in an anti-social manner.

“We want the people that we serve to feel safe in the areas that they live. We want to improve their quality of life.

“The operation was to disrupt criminal activity, reduce violent crime, prevent and detect crime, improve confidence and safety and enhance community safety. We appreciate that this type of crime affects the quality of people’s lives.”

Sgt McAllister said future operations in the area are planned.