Police spend 200 hours on patrol at flats

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POLICE officers have spent 200 hours patrolling flats in Sharrow following complaints from residents about youths congregating in stairwells and landings smoking cannabis and intimidating people.

The issue was made a policing priority for bobbies in February and 200 hours have been spent on the Leverton Gardens estate looking for culprits and to deter groups from gathering there.

A spokesman said officers were told youths, aged between 15 and 20, regularly smoke cannabis, chew the drug Khat, abuse and intimidate locals and cause a general nuisance.

He added: “Police patrols by uniformed and plain clothes officers have continued in order to provide reassurance to residents and to identify suspected offenders.

“Officers have taken the details of several youths who have been found congregating in the flats and letters have been sent out to their home addresses regarding anti-social behaviour. We have liaised with partners at Sheffield Homes to increase patrols by neighbourhood wardens.”w