Police serenade local community after tip-off helps catch suspected drug dealers

Police serenaded the local community after a tip-off led to the arrest of two suspected drug dealers in Sheffield.

By Steve Jones
Saturday, 10th April 2021, 3:39 pm

Officers from Sheffield North East neighbourhood policing team were so happy after the drug bust at a Southey address they wrote a song.

Police raided the property on Saturday morning and seized a “large amount” of suspected class A drugs.

A man and woman were arrested at the scene for possession with intent to supply offences.

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Police raided the address in Southey on Saturday morning.

“Keep the info coming people and we’ll keep smashing and bashing,” a spokesperson declared.

The song went as follows to the tune of the classic track Feeling Good:

And the doors kept tumbling down

In the community that we love

Dealers handing over their pills

Being passed down from above

But if you be our eyes

It will almost feel like you’ve chosen the next doors that fall

So if you be our eyes

It will stop feeling like we’ve been here before

How you not gonna assist about this