Police seize string of cars after South Yorkshire Valentine's weekend clampdown

Police have seized a number of vehicles and stopped a string of illegal drivers after a Valentine’s weekend clampdown in South Yorkshire.

By Darren Burke
Sunday, 14th February 2021, 2:00 pm

South Yorkshire Police’s Operations Support Unit revealed its clampdown on Twitter, explaining how it had targeted a number of drivers.

“This Ford took us on a trip around Sheffield this morning before being abandoned,” said one. “On false plates and containing various tools for stealing stuff. Recovered for further enquiries.”

“Another one recovered for no insurance, this one over in Doncaster,” the force also tweeted.

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Vehicles seized by South Yorkshire Police. Clockwise, from top left: A car that was seized in Doncaster, a Ford which was abandoned in Sheffield after a pursuit, a Mini that was stopped for illegal tints and a car that was stopped in Sheffield and found to have no insurance. (Photos: SYOps).

"Amongst the subtle modifications on this Mini in Doncaster were front window tints, well below the legal limit. Traffic offence report issued. Remember, companies will sell you what you ask for but you're the one driving. Front windows will be at the limit from manufacture,” another message read.

And another added: “This one didn't have anything added to it over in Sheffield, in fact it had the insurance subtracted. Vehicle recovered and driver reported.”