Police seize nearly 200 cars from uninsured Rotherham motorists

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NEARLY 200 cars have been seized by police in Rotherham for having no insurance.

Between April and the start of this month a total of 193 cars have been towed away on behalf of South Yorkshire Police in a new crackdown on uninsured motorists.

Drivers face fines for being caught with no insurance and risk their car being crushed.

Chief Inspector Ian Womersley said: “ Police in Rotherham will take positive action against anyone using vehicles which place other road users at risk and this includes the seizure of uninsured vehicles.

“Any driver who is considering driving their vehicle while uninsured, needs to be aware this is identified to the police by number plate recognition cameras both at locations throughout the force area and fitted in patrolling police vehicles.”

Police have had the power to seize vehicles since 2005 and about 30 per cent end up crushed.

Drivers can also be fined upto £1,000.

One of those seized by South Yorkshire Police has been parked outside the Main Street police station in Rotherham as a deterrent to motorists who flout the law.

To report uninsured drivers, call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.