Police scold commentors for 'disrespectful' jokes over E-fit following violent attack in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Police had to step in after Facebook users made fun of an E-fit appeal following a violent assault in Doncaster.

Police released an appeal for help after an incident on June 9 at around 8.30am, when a 60-year-old man was attacked from behind as he walked down Chequer Road, Doncaster.

The suspect attempted to pull his chain from around his neck.

The man fought back and the suspect ran off down the road.

Police are asking for help to find this man following a violent attack on June 9 at around 8.30am on Chequer Road, Doncaster.

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E-fit released after man was attacked from behind in an attempt Doncaster robber...

On July 4, officers released an E-fit image of the suspect and asked for the public’s help to find him.

But now, they had to scold Facebook users who jumped on the image to make fun of it or tag their friends.

“Whilst we appreciate comments as they help us to spread the images, please be reminded that this e-fit relates to a serious incident,” wrote an SYP spokesperson soon after the image was released.

“People affected could be reading these comments.

“Also we are monitoring this post and any names that are tagged or shared with us will be passed onto an officer to investigate.”

Not all of the comments from the public were jokes - many then jumped on to criticise those mocking the E-fit image.

One reader replied: “Not only do you have to deal with crime, you have to deal with idiots hoping for the most 'likes’.

“Hope you find the fella, and hope the victim is ok.”

“Man aged 60 gets attacked, eight find this funny. Perhaps they know something about it?” wrote another.