Police reassure parents after school sends letters following ‘incidents’

Iain Chorlton
Iain Chorlton
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POLICE in a Sheffield suburb are reassuring parents their children are safe after a letter was sent home from school warning them not to let their youngsters play out alone.

Pupils at Acres Hill Community Primary School in Darnall were sent home with letters warning parents of incidents where children had been allegedly threatened - and advises them not to let youngsters out unsupervised.

One incident allegedly involved a boy being threatened by a man with a knife on nearby Mather Road playing field.

But police investigated the incident and today stressed the child had not been in any danger.

Chf Insp Iain Chorlton, responsible for policing in Darnall, said: “After an extensive investigation into the incidents officers are content that on one occasion where it was reported a child had been threatened, the child was not actually placed at any risk.

“On another occasion an argument had taken place between two young people, which resulted in one of them sustaining a minor injury and the third incident is still being investigated.

“We are aware parents can become concerned when they receive reports their child may be at risk. I would like to thank the school, parents and public for their assistance during these investigations.”

Headteacher Lee Garbut said: “We decided to send out a warning note in order to appeal to parents and carers to be particularly vigilant while the matters are investigated by South Yorkshire Police.

“We spoke with one of the affected families who was very keen that we alert other families in the area.”