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OFFICERS mounted a series of raids across South Yorkshire today in a new crime crackdown.


Crime:Latest news.

Crime:Latest news.

Addresses of known or suspected burglars were searched in a ‘day of action’ aimed at rooting out those breaking into homes across the county.

Latest figures reveal that 7,477 offences were committed over the last 12 months - up 189 crimes on the same period the year before.

Last week alone, there were 82 domestic burglaries, 31 of which at homes where doors and windows had been left open.

In addition to the execution of search warrants, officers are patrolling the streets looking for homes at risk of break-ins.

Free door and window locks were to be handed out in hotspot areas, including communities popular with students.

Figures show between September 2011 and the end of August there were 3,504 homes broken into in Sheffield, 2,011 in Doncaster, 1,037 in Rotherham and 925 in Barnsley.

Burglaries formed 4 per cent of the entire list of 1,875 offences committed across South Yorkshire last week.

High-visibility police patrols, including the use of officers on horseback, were carried out to in an effort to deter burglars prowling the streets looking for their next targets.

Undercover officers were on the streets looking for offenders or suspects.

Traffic police were also involved in the Operation Impact ‘Day of Action’ - the third to take place in the last three months, aimed at tackling crimes that ‘blight’ South Yorkshire communities.

Last month, South Yorkshire Police staged a similar day of action concentrating on shoplifting and the month before they tackled vehicle crime.

Assistant Chief Constable Max Sahota, who is leading today’s day of action, said: “As a force, we will continue with Impact as a commitment to our communities to tackle key crimes and target criminals in South Yorkshire who make peoples lives a misery.

“Not only will we be bring these offenders before the courts, but we will also seek to seize their assets, which are often illegally gained.”

Temporary Detective Inspector Mark Cockayne, responsible for reducing burglaries, robberies and auto crime and driving up detection rates, said: “The message is simple - if you have been committing burglaries expect us to visit you, expect us to come knocking at your door.”

He said burglaries often affected victims of crime more than many other offences.

“Burglaries are not just another crime statistic - they have the potential to change a victim’s life.

“Some people end up moving house afterwards because when your home is broken into people feel violated, that their privacy has been invaded.

“This operation has been months in the planning and is intelligence-based, so burglars who have been committing offences are being visited.

“Offender management forms a big part of how we tackle burglaries because we know a small number of people commit the majority of the offences and when they are behind bars the crime rate drops.

“Custody suites are on stand-by to be receiving an influx of visitors throughout the day.”

As part of today’s operation, members of the public are being urged to report ‘suspicious’ white vans in their area by calling police on 101.


7,477 - Number of burglaries over last 12 months

82 - Number of burglaries committed last week

4 - Percentage of all crimes last week which were burglaries

3,504 - Sheffield was the district with most break-ins last year