Police on quads seize vehicles across Sheffield in busy 'Covid tasking' day

The South Yorkshire police off-road team have urged residents to stay at home and save lives as they continue to tackle crime across Sheffield and the county.

By Sophie Wills
Sunday, 26th April 2020, 7:21 am
Updated Monday, 27th April 2020, 12:27 pm

This week saw SYP’s off-road team take to electric bikes and quads to seize illegal vehicles in known problem spots.

A Land Rover was seized on Station Road, Deepcar, after the driver was found to have no licence or insurance.

“The list of issues with it were too many to list,” said the off-road team. “Thankfully this box of delights is now off of the road.”

"The new electric bikes stretched their green legs along with our quad and also regular bikes."

Following repeated reports of groups of bikes on land at the back of Chapeltown park, a KTM bike was also seized.

“The rider had travelled from Rotherham to have a play with friends. His friends left him all alone,” said the team.

Following repeated reports of groups of youths on bikes at the back of Whiacre Walk in Batemore, an SYM scooter was found tucked behind some conifers.

“The ignition damage and the fact that it was trying to play hide and seek brought us swiftly to the conclusion it was stolen,” the team said.

A KTM bike was seized at the back of Chapeltown park.

“A local tried to claim ownership, however with no keys and no paperwork it was never going to fly.”

Finally, on Corker Bottoms Lane near the parkway, two bikes were seized right next to the sign telling owners if they rode their bikes at this location they would be seized.

The lane is apparently a hot spot for illegal riding.

From the SYP off-road team's Facebook page.