Police powers to tackle yobs are renewed

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POLICE in Chesterfield have been granted a new ‘dispersal order’ to continue targeting anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

The order gives police the right to split up groups of two or more people who they fear could become involved in nuisance or criminal behaviour.

Officers are also using it to crack down on drunken behaviour, obscene language and littering.

The order was due to expire at the end of the month but senior police officers and Chesterfield Council have agreed to extend it to June.

Community Safety Partnership Sgt Les Rawson said: “The new order has been applied for so we can continue to improve the town centre for everyone. As the previous order has shown we are not trying to make the town centre a no-go area for teenagers who are behaving in a sensible manner. What we are doing is taking action against people behaving inappropriately and making shoppers, visitors and staff feel unsafe.”

The new dispersal order covers the whole of the town centre and maps of the area have been circulated for display and made available to young people.