Police patrols find scores of cars ‘at risk’

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A BOBBY posing as a car thief found 62 cars at risk of break-ins during a series of street patrols.

The PCSO from the Bolsover Town safer neighbourhood policing team went on the prowl around the town looking for cars left unlocked or at risk of being broken into because of valuables left on display.

Uniformed officers with the PCSO, who was dressed up as ‘Smash ’n’ carry Harry’, gave crime prevention advice to motorists whose cars were found at risk.

One car owner had parked up outside his house and left his car unlocked and his garage door open.

Another had left expensive DJ equipment on display.

Police community support officer Ben Perry said: “Car crime can increase around this time of year due to windows being left open in the warm weather.

“Hopefully these patrols will increase awareness and make motorists think twice before leaving windows open or items on display and giving thieves like Harry an open invitation. If Harry noticed the insecurities so would a real thief.”

n Anyone with information about those responsible for breaking into cars in Derbsyhire should call the county’s police force on 101 or Crimestoopers on 0800 555111.