Police letters sent to parents

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POLice have issued warning letters to the parents of youths found committing anti-social behaviour on the streets of a South Yorkshire community.

They have issued 20 letters to parents of youngsters in Kendray in Barnsley and placed two youths on Acceptable Behaviour Contracts.

Officers have also seized a motorcycle, issued an £80 penalty notice for a public order offence, made one arrest for drunk and disorderly behaviour as party of their crackdown on unruly behaviour.

They have also referred five youths for an alcohol awareness session for them and their parents.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “We have also been liaising closely with the anti-social behaviour team at Barnsley Council who will commence tenancy enforcement against some of the people involved in this.

“The alcohol awareness session is part of the Barnsley Community Alcohol Partnership, where youths found in possession of alcohol on the street are referred to a meeting that takes place for about two hours in the evening.

“One of their parents accompanies them. Parents and youths are then given information about risks and problems associated with young people drinking on the street.

“An Acceptable Behaviour Contract is an agreement between an individual, police and Barnsley Council or a social landlord, where the individual agrees not to carry out certain behaviour. Any breach of the agreement would be closely monitored by the police and it may form the first part of an ASBO application.”