Police launch new burglary crackdown

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HOMES in Dronfield are to be targeted by police in a new crackdown on burglaries.

Officers will be visiting streets where there have been break-ins and offering free SmartWater kits to mark up property in homes.

Each batch of liquid contains its own DNA-style code, making it easier for police to trace the rightful owners of stolen property.

It can be applied to electrical items and cars.

Police hope the use of the liquid in the town will deter burglars from committing crimes, if they know they could be stopped and found carrying items marked with the substance.

Team Sergeant Tony Klenczar said: “We are currently distributing Smart Water to residents on Gainsborough Road in Dronfield as houses in that area have suffered from burglaries and theft in the past.

“The aim behind the initiative is to not only help people to protect their valuables by marking and registering them with SmartWater, but to also provide a deterrent to would-be burglars.

“It is also a good opportunity for us to offer advice to residents about keep their homes safe and secure, and also to chat about any issues or concerns they might have.”