Police landed with riot bill

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POLICE chiefs in South Yorkshire have been left with a £1 million bill for dealing with the summer riots - even though there was no trouble on the county’s streets.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Bob Sanderson released the figure when he gave evidence to the Government’s Home Affairs select committee this week as part of an inquiry into riots in towns and cities across the country in August.

Although South Yorkshire avoided any copycat riots following the trouble which started in Tottenham, the county’s police force was landed with a bill for extra policing costs after agreeing to send officers to cities affected by the outbursts of violence.

Officers were sent to London and Greater Manchester as extra back up under the ‘mutual aid’ programme, where police chiefs agree to help forces struggling to cope in times of major incidents.

South Yorkshire Police hope to be able to recoup the extra costs incurred by the force.

A force spokeswoman said: “South Yorkshire Police, like many police forces, provided support to other forces during the riots.

“All police forces have a mutual aid agreement in place, for times of exceptional demand, whereby forces support each other with resources.

“As part of this agreement, the host force pays back those forces that assisted with mutual aid.

“The cost to South Yorkshire Police of providing mutual aid for the riots was just short of £1 million.”