Police ‘killers’ linked to his missing phone

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THE two men accused of killing a former South Yorkshire police officer and his wife on their honeymoon are alleged to have been in possession of the ex-bobby’s mobile phone after the shooting.

Jurors in the trial of the two alleged killers were told that police had uncovered evidence which linked the pair with 31-year-old Ben Mullany’s mobile phone. The device was stolen when he and his new wife Catherine were gunned down in their luxury hotel on the Caribbean island of Antigua on the last day of their honeymoon.

The court in Antigua also heard that the gun used in the shooting was stolen from a local mechanic in May 2008 - two months before the Mullanys were shot dead.

Ronnie Christopher told jurors that a wedding ring and a laptop were among the other items taken during the raid on his home.

Mr Mullany, who left South Yorkshire Police to train to become a physiotherapist, died a week after he was shot but his new wife was killed instantly.

The prosecution claim the attack at their £330-a-night hotel was a botched robbery.

Brinsely Barrie, a security guard on duty at the Cacos Hotel that night, told the murder trial the gate to the hillside hotel was “not properly secured”.

The couple’s devastated relatives sat with heads bowed as he told the court there had been no padlock on the wooden seven-foot gate that day - just a bolt and a “piece of iron”.

Asked if someone could have climbed over the barrier, he replied: “Most probably.”

The Gridlock Security Services employee went on to describe the bloody murder scene which met him when he was alerted to the killings.

Avie Howell, 20, and Kaniel Martin, 23, deny the charges. The trial continues.

He told Antigua’s High Court how he had been stationed in the reception area when a colleague had appeared at the front desk “frightened” and “stammering”.

On arrival at the couple’s room, he found Mr Mullany, a student physiotherapist, “crouching over the bed” but not moving.

Blood was seeping from the back of his head, he told the court. Mrs Mullany was lying on the floor, face up.

“She was dressed in white, her eyes and mouth were open. There was blood on her face, she was not moving,” he said.

“She appeared to be dead.”

Avie Howell, 20, and Kaniel Martin, 23, are charged with both murders and also accused of killing local 43-year-old shopkeeper Woneta Anderson.

They deny the charges.

The trial continues.