Police issue warning over arson attack in Sheffield

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Police today stressed yet again the dangers of arson attacks - after a wheelie bin blaze in the same city suburb where a family perished when a bin was set alight.

A neighbour spotted flames coming from a bin close to a home on Batemoor Close, Batemoor, and extinguished them before they had chance to spread to the property.

The fire was just yards from where Anthony Brightmore, aged 68, his wife Patricia, 65, and their blind son Stephen, 35, were trapped by fire in another arson attack in 2005. Anthony and Patricia died together in their home on Batemoor Walk as choking smoke rushed inside from fierce flames which raged outside their front door.

Stephen initially survived but suffered such severe burns he died in hospital two days later.

Following the latest incident, at 11pm on Monday, South Yorkshire Police have warned again that arson attacks can kill.

PC David Nash said: “This fire caused only minor damage. But the bin was next to a property, and this incident could easily have escalated into a house fire had it not been for a vigilant neighbour who quickly extinguished the fire before it could spread.

“People who set these types of fires need to be aware their actions could have very serious consequences.

“A fire started in a wheelie bin could easily get out of control, spread to nearby properties and, ultimately, lead to loss of life.

“Setting small fires also calls emergency services away from other incidents. We are taking this very seriously. I urge anyone with information to call police.”