South Yorkshire Police issue warning about off-road bikes after successful operation

South Yorkshire Police has issued a warning about the dangers of off-road biking after a successful enforcement operation.

By Miriam Kuepper
Thursday, 6th January 2022, 10:30 am

The forces Off-Road Bike Intervention Team (ORBIT) was launched in 2017 and operates all over South Yorkshire in order to combat the anti-social use of off-road bikes, quad bikes and 4x4s in local communities.

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A spokesperson for ORBIT said: “Illegal and nuisance off-road motorcycling, quad-biking and the use of 4x4 vehicles in this way is something that understandably causes great concern in our communities and it is something we do not and will not tolerate.

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South Yorkshire Police's 'Off-Road Bike Intervention Team' has proven to be successful

“It can be very dangerous with vehicles often poorly maintained and not subject to safety checks. Several people have been seriously injured and even killed in such vehicles in the last 12 months.”

In a recent operation the team carried out an operation in Barnsley, where officers managed to seize several motorcycles for having no insurance, issue warning notices for motorcyclists on the Trans Pennine Trail and seize four squads.

Two quads were recovered from water at Grimethorpe nature reserve and are believed to be stolen vehicles.

The police spokesperson said: “The operation was a fantastic team effort.

“Some of the vehicles had been left in the river and we were concerned their riders may return later and risk their lives trying to retrieve them. So we used all of the resources at our disposal to get them out and now they are safely secured with us.”

After praising the team for their determination to recover those vehicles, the spokesperson also said: “Those riding their bikes are out in all weathers and all times of the day – and so are we.

“And my message is simple – we will continue to be out making a difference during the day time, late at night and early in the morning. We will stop you and if you are breaking the law we will take action.”

ORBIT encourages legal riders to become involved with clubs and organisations hat signpost members to legal routes and adopt a safe and polite code of conduct.

If you experience nuisance of illegal off-road biking, contact 101.