Police in Sheffield issue warning over new Google scam

Police in Sheffield have issued a warning about a new Google scam after a woman was targeted.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 6:11 pm

The victim received a call on her mobile from a man whose number was withheld telling her she needed to upgrade her Google connection.

She was told to purchase a Google Play gift card and the caller rang back later to obtain the activation code.

PCSO Anna Smith said: “Needless to say this is a scam, whereby the caller fraudulently gains funds to use on another Google Play account or sells the code on.

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Police in Sheffield have warned people about a new Google phone scam

"Please be mindful of this scam and inform friends and relatives, especially those who are elderly and/or vulnerable, not to purchase these cards.”

PCSO Smith added that police had also received a report of a man knocking on doors and claiming to be signing people up to the online pharmacy prescription service.

“NHS prescription Service have confirmed they WILL NOT send people out to cold call in order to sign patients up to the online prescription service,” she said.

She advised people to keep their doors locked even when at home and if you are not expecting someone and decide to open the door, always look through the spy hole or a window first to see who is at the door.

She said people should put the chain on the door before opening it, and keep it on whilst talking to the caller.

And she advised people to check the caller’s identity card carefully and if unsure call the company concerned, but not to use the phone number on the ID as that could be fake.