Police in Derbyshire breathalyse 538 motorists

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Almost 15 per cent of motorists breathalysed as part Derbyshire Police’s annual Christmas anti-drink drive campaign were over the limit, refused to take a test or failed to provide a sample.

The campaign ran between December 1 and 31 and resulted in 538 motorists being breathalysed.

Of those, 79 were over the drink-drive limit, refused to take the test or failed to provide a sample.

Chief Inspector Steve Wilson, head of Roads Policing in Derbyshire, said: “By teaming up with Crimestoppers again we received widespread interest in the campaign and received 40 calls from the public with information.

“Crucially, no one has yet applied for the reward which shows that the public report drink-drivers out of a moral duty, rather than for financial gain.

“The results this year show a 5 per cent drop in positive tests compared to last year and a significant drop in under 25s being over the drink-drive limit, which is reflective of the work we are doing with our partners to educate that age group.

“However, one drink-driver is too many and we will continue to target those who put themselves and other road users at risk.”