Police in bid to trace dog and owner after attack in Sheffield park

Lynne Carlton
Lynne Carlton
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Police officers investigating a dog attack in a Sheffield park are still trying to find the dog responsible.

Lynne Carlton, aged 50, was attacked as she walked her dog Sid in Colley Park, Parson Cross, on Thursday, December 4.

Lynne Carlton

Lynne Carlton

A stray attacked Sid, a Staffordshire Terrier rescue dog, and Lynne ended up getting bitten as she tried to protect her beloved pet.

She lost part of her finger in the attack and required surgery.

Her own dog ended up covered in blood after he too was mauled.

Police officers investigating the incident have not yet traced the stray or its owner.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “The incident is believed to have happened while the woman walked her dog in the park.

“It is reported that a black Staffordshire Terrier type dog came up to the woman and allegedly tried to bite her dog.

“While trying to separate the dogs, it is believed that the Staffordshire Terrier type dog bit the woman, causing injuries that required hospital treatment.

“Enquiries are ongoing to identify the dog and its owner.”

Anyone with information should call 101.