Police hunt cross-dresser who struck on train in South Yorkshire

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A man dressed as a woman assaulted a couple travelling on a train through South Yorkshire.

An investigation into the incident, which took place on Friday, December 20 at 3.40pm, has been launched by British Transport Police.

Officers said a white man, who was in his 20s, about 6ft tall and wearing women’s clothing, make-up and a red wig, attacked a couple on a train travelling between Woodlesford and Elsecar stations.

Pc Richard Ward said: “During the journey, the woman noticed an elderly passenger ask another person to remove their bag from a seat to allow her to sit down.

“The other passenger refused and the elderly woman had to go and find another seat. The female victim questioned the suspect’s actions before an altercation took place.

“The woman’s husband removed the bag from the chair before the suspect punched him, causing a small cut to his lip.

“The suspect then spat in the man’s face, before he punched the woman in her face.”