Police hand out 26 fines in 24 hours for South Yorkshire coronavirus lockdown breaches

Police in South Yorkshire have in the last 24 hours (April 7 – 8) issued fines to 26 different people who were found to be breaching the coronavirus lockdown rules.

By Lloyd Bent
Thursday, 9th April 2020, 1:04 pm

Since the lockdown rules were put in place by the government two weeks ago, South Yorkshire Police has increased its presence on the streets in an effort to enforce the restrictions meant to keep people from spreading the disease.

This includes issuing on-the-spot fines as a response to persistent or blatant breaches.

Fines can be issued to those gathering in groups as well as those found to be out of the house without good reason.

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Police carry out operations in Sheffield and South Yorkshire during the coronavirus lockdown.

In Rotherham yesterday (April 7), three of the fines were given to a car load of people who told police the reason for their journey was because they were ‘bored’.

Officers in Sheffield have also issued FPNs whilst carrying out patrols across Page Hall, Parson Cross and Burngreave.

Superintendent Paul McCurry, who is leading the force’s operational response to the pandemic said: “The response we have had from the overwhelming majority of people has been positive.

“Our focus has been, and continues to be, helping our communities to understand the situation we are facing and the importance of adhering to government guidelines.

Supt Paul McCurry, of South Yorkshire Police

“We appreciate that many people do have a good reason to be away from their homes. Sadly, there is still a small minority who are flouting the law. This is understandably frustrating for many, and our action reflects calls from members of the public for the restrictions to be legally enforced.

“These restrictions are temporary. The more closely we all follow them, hopefully, the sooner we can return to normal.”

Temporary Inspector Gayle Kirby, from the Sheffield North East Neighbourhood Team added: “I know it is distressing for residents who are following government advice to see others carrying on as if nothing has changed.

“I want to reassure those responsible people that they will see action being taken in their community by their neighbourhood policing team; we are issuing fines, dispersing groups and shutting down premises.”