Police granted extra powers in Shirebrook

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Police officers have been granted additional enforcement powers to help them target anti-social in Shirebrook.

A Dispersal Order has been introduced by Derbyshire Police and Bolsover District Council following community concerns.

It means police officers and PCSOs have the power to ask groups of two or more people to disperse if they are involved in behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any member of the public.

If people refuse to move on they face arrest and penalties of up to three months in prison or a fine of £2,500.

Inspector Frank Burns, who is in charge of policing in Shirebrook and Bolsover, said: “Members of the community in Shirebrook have told us that anti-social behaviour is a concern and we are committed to targeting this and in making a difference to the quality of life for local residents.

“A Dispersal Order is an effective tool in helping to reduce the unacceptable behaviour of a small minority. The powers will be used proportionately and will therefore only affect those people who are behaving irresponsibly and without consideration for others in the area.”

The Dispersal Order comes into force on Monday.