Police find drug den

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Police officers patrolling the Cudworth area of Barnsley have discovered a den they believe to have been used by people taking drugs.

The den - well concealed and made up of cut down trees, tarpaulin and plastic sheets - was discovered in trees behind the Dorothy Hyman Stadium.

Officers arranged for it to be dismantled to prevent drug users gathering there.

Police, fire and council officials agreed that the den needed to be dismantled on safety grounds.

Sergeant Stephanie Smith, of Cudworth Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “There was great concern when the den was found, from our Safer Neighbourhood Team and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, due to the high risk of fire because of the materials used, especially if people were using it as a place to smoke illegal substances.

“I urge anyone who is involved in this kind of activity to think of the risks associated as not only are they putting themselves in danger, but the local community.”