Police Commissioner supports Neighbourhood Watch Week in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright
South Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright
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Police chiefs in South Yorkshire are using Neighbourhood Watch Week to push crime prevention advice around fraud and cyber crime.

Neighbourhood Watch groups across the region are urging residents to be aware of scams and to step up their security processes, pointing out that members have been targeted online.

A spokesman for the movement said: “Quite a lot of our members have been targeted so it’s topical.

“And we’ve also been doing a lot of work with the government around this, so we thought we’d highlight the issues and spread any safety messages as widely as possible during this week.

“Neighbourhood Watch has traditionally been about getting to know your neighbours face-to-face and keeping your eyes open for anything suspicious in your area. While fraudsters may not have an obvious presence on the streets, neighbours can still help to protect each other from becoming victims of fraud.

“It’s only by spreading the word as widely as possible that we can help to defeat fraud.”

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright said: “I applaud the work that Neighbourhood Watch members do in our communities to ensure that the public is kept safe and informed of potential threats.

“People across South Yorkshire are at risk of these scams and it is our job, as partners, to ensure that they have as much information available to them as possible to protect them from becoming a victim of crime.”

Visit www.cyberstreetwise.com for advice on how to stay safe online and avoid becoming a victim of crime.