Police chiefs in bid to ease unrest in Sheffield suburb

David Blunkett
David Blunkett
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A team of police officers is to move into a Sheffield suburb plagued by community unrest - to ensure ‘the right people in the right places at the right time’.

The nine-strong team will move into the Earl Marshal Youth Centre, Page Hall, to be ‘right at the heart of the community’ which has seen a huge influx of immigrants over recent years - leading to a clash of cultures.

Last week rival groups of Roma Slovak and Yemeni men and youths were involved in a mass brawl witnessed by hundreds.

The Community Policing Support Team moves around the county to work in areas where ‘integration is an issue’.

Chief Superintendent David Hartley said: “Page Hall is not a huge neighbourhood, but we face a considerable challenge because of the difference in cultures.

“We’re aiming to break down barriers and are working with partners to provide diversionary activities and opportunities for people to socialise. A multi-agency response is key to this.

“The team forms part of the overall safer neighbourhood policing structures within Sheffield and aims to deliver a high-profile policing presence to support community and local policing priorities.

“Key to their role will be working with partners at grassroots level, whether they be public sector or voluntary community faith groups. Sheffield has a proud history of welcoming new communities into the area and we will work to ensure they feel a part of this city.”

Sheffield MP David Blunkett said he felt reassured that police chiefs would restore calm in Page Hall by targeting resources more effectively.

“They have a decent allocation of resources, I can’t fault them on that, but it is about having the right people in the right places at the right time, and they have promised they will do that.”

“Now is the time to reassure people that the police are there and willing to take action.”