Police chiefs help draw up action plans for major incidents in Derbyshire

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Derbyshire police chiefs have helped produce action plans for residents to help them deal with a raft of potential major incidents that could occur in the county.

The county’s Local Resilience Forum has created its first Community Risk Register, which is available for members of the public to view.

It is a comprehensive list of a wide variety of serious incidents and hazards to human life that could potentially happen in Derbyshire.

They include severe weather, chemical pollution, flooding, dam failures, flu pandemic outbreaks and large-scale industrial accidents.

The Community Risk Register contains advice on how people can protect themselves against each potential incident and gives readers information on what key organisations would do if one of the emergencies actually happened.

The aim of the register is to encourage people and businesses to plan how they would respond if any of the potential scenarios ever occur.

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Knighton, chairman of the Derbyshire Local Resilience Forum, said: “The Community Risk Register has been put together by all of the partners responsible for planning and preparing for a range of different risks which may affect our communities.

“The document informs the public of the potential risks faced in the county and offers advice on how they can help themselves and their communities to be better prepared.

“I would ask people to consider the advice as this will help to reduce the impact upon them and will assist the agencies responding to any event.”

Visit www.derbyshireprepared.org.uk to view the Community Risk Register.