Police checkpoints in new crackdown

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POLICE checkpoints set up across North Nottinghamshire led to 290 vehicles being stopped in the first two weeks of a summer campaign.

Operation Doncella was launched after a rise in the number of people killed or hurt on the roads between January 1 and April 30 - six fatalities and 28 people seriously injured.

District Chief Inspector Sean Anderson said: “While the rate of people killed or seriously injured in collisions in the north of the county has steadily reduced since the mid-1980s, the last couple of years have seen it start to increase again.

“Drink driving, speeding, mobile phone use and seatbelt negligence are the top four causes of death on our roads and we are taking positive action to try to reverse a rising trend of collisions involving these offences.”

So far 47 fines have been issued to people not wearing their seatbelts. Nine motorists were caught speeding and four caught using their mobile phones while driving.

A total of 61 motorists were breathalysed, of whom three were arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

Three vehicles have been seized for being unfit for the roads.