Police called onto bus to deal with dispute after woman ordered off in £5 note row

Mandy Stanley who was turned off a bus because she only had a �5 note
Mandy Stanley who was turned off a bus because she only had a �5 note
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A MUM is demanding an apology after claiming she was ordered off a Sheffield bus by a driver she had reported for his attitude a few weeks earlier.

Mandy Stanley, aged 47, from Loxley, said she first encountered the driver last month when he refused to allow her on to his bus when she tried to pay her fare with a £5 note.

The customer services worker claims the driver, employed by First, would only let her travel if she gave him the note and collected her change from a depot later in the day.

She claims when she refused after telling him she needed her change for a tram journey she had to make, he would not allow her to travel.

Mandy, who reported the driver to his bosses, said the next time she saw the driver he confronted her about the allegations she had made about him and ordered her off his bus again.

And when she refused he called the police.

Mandy said: “I couldn’t believe it when he called the police and as he was waiting for them to come he saw a police car pass and set off following it and beeping his horn until it stopped.

“My daughter went white she was so upset about what was happening and nobody else on the bus could believe it either.

“In my opinion he does not deserve to have a job dealing with members of the public if this is how he treats them.”

After officers spoke to Mrs Stanley and the driver he agreed to take her to her bus stop with a police car following behind.

A spokesman for First said: “We have spoken to our driver about this matter and he reports that he faced verbal abuse from a passenger. This resulted in him seeking police assistance. The police dealt with the matter at the scene and the matter was resolved.

“We have since spoken to a female passenger about this matter and have begun an internal investigation.

“We have requested that all available CCTV footage is made available from the bus and this will be viewed to see if further action needs to be taken.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Police can confirm that a dispute took place on Monday evening in the Hillsborough area of the city. The dispute involved a driver of a bus and some passengers, resulting in the driver stopping a police car to ask for assistance.

“The situation was resolved with police officers giving advice and reassurance to all parties.

“No formal police action was required.”