Police bust cannabis grow in Sheffield after man opens door wrapped in towel

A Sheffield man’s four-plant cannabis operation in his flat was rumbled when he opened the door to police on a routine check wearing just a towel.

Friday, 23rd July 2021, 11:26 am
Police found this four-plant cannabis operation during a routine call to a man's flat in Sheffield

Officers told how they visited the flat on Skelton Lane on July 22 while trying to speak to a man about a car.

But when the occupant opened the door in his bath towel, officers reportedly were hit by a “pungent aroma”.

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After giving the man a moment to make himself decent, they found one of the flat’s rooms had been given over to a cannabis grow.

The small room was lined with sheets of foil and was using five lamps, a fan and a set of multi-sockets to grow four cannabis plants.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed a man had been interviewed and reported on summons for the find.

The bust by Sheffield South East Neighbourhood Police Team saw the grow dismantled and the plants, lamps and fan seized by officers.