Police attacked with stones while seizing car linked to drug use in Sheffield

Photo: Sheffield south east policing team.
Photo: Sheffield south east policing team.
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A group of 'youths' threw stones at Sheffield police as they seized a car in a city suburb.

Officers were in Goathland Drive, Woodhouse, at about 8pm on Friday when they spotted a silver Nissan Micra with a 'very strong' smell of cannabis coming from within.

The car had no insurance or tax and had been notified as off the road.

Posting on Facebook, an officer from the south east team said: "We found the car parked up at the very end of Goathland Drive, the occupants were not there.

"The car was duly recovered and is now awaiting to be scrapped.

"Whilst awaiting for the recovery truck and on its arrival a group of youths attempted to intimidate us by throwing stones at the police vehicle and the recovery vehicle.

"This will not be tolerated. Any vehicle seen without insurance being driven on the road will be seized at the earliest opportunity."